Vegan MoFo: What to do with 49 pumpkins


I’ve posted about our garden before. This year we got 49 pumpkins. (Back when I was in school this time of the year was called „pumpkin weeks“. We would have pumpkin EVERY day in EVERY possible way.) I started wondering what to do with all that pumpkin glory. Here are some ideas I want to try out:

Pumpkin Curry from IVU

Pumpkin & Apple Risotto from IVU

Pumpkin Biscotti

Pumpkin Muffins from The PPK

Pumpkin Bread from Mihl

Pumpkin Spice Bread from The PPK

Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake from It Ain’t Meat Babe

Autumn Spice Pumpkin Cookies from The Voracious Vegan

Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies from The PPK

Tons of ideas from Vegan Dad

Pumpkin Pancakes from Vegan Brunch

Pumpkin French Toast from Vegan Brunch

I’m planning to post some pumpkin recipes. So stay tuned for pumpkin gnocchi, pumpkin cake with walnut streusel topping or maybe even a pumpkin tiramisu?

Pumpkins from our garden – patiently waiting to be eaten.

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  1. Wow, those are a lot of pumpkins! As a joke, a friend of mine was given 8 pumpkins to be made in to pies. After 8 pies, she still has almost 4 liters of puree left over! I will definitely be giving this list to her to help give her some more ideas.

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